We are here for the Hail Inspection Omaha with the employment specialist a staffing firm here in Tulsa, and we always try to figure different ways to advise employees that we serve. even the managers that we were in today I’m gonna talk to real quickly about how are you yourself can begin to shift and begin just adding value to other people. you might ask yourself why would you do That and that in many of these videos in the reason that we keep hitting the topic so much. We are financially adding value people and have been one of the most important things that I’ve ever done return and you wouldn’t believe how many people will help you if you just spend a year or two people around it’s pretty remarkable

We just have to be really intentional with the Hail Inspection Omaha we want to talk more about how we are doing it versus the act of just doing it. You wanna know how you have no people how you can be intentional with it how do you can get the highest return in adding by the people. You should realize how easy it is to lift other people up around you Really not that difficult and you and you can speak to them about. I want to start off with just the first thing how can you add people won’t ever one you can offer your time and often times. you’ll have random occurrences run into people and then sometimes you have your specially if you get a certain amount

They want to learn what you’ve done they do you want to bounce ideas off of your whatever it is and you can offer that time often times. it’s the best way to offer your time for the Hail Inspection Omaha for people is honestly and rather than telling them everything you know. it’s better to ask really great questions and so I’m thinking sales if I go in I’m trying to get a new client and my goal is to ask questions at least 60 or 70% of the time and give them that manager that owner the opportunity to talk about their business tell me about their business you’re learning so much

To build offer really great advice for someone if you don’t do a great job of asking questions to understand the whole of what they might be concerned with interested in what is it a day one time meeting. When you’re offering your time all about them and try not to make it about yourself and they will leave that meeting going this is different than any other meeting I’ve ever had. If person is great that person That whatever it is different is because you’re the only one that made that entire thing about it. It’s a really ask questions to understand what it is they’re interested in find out what it is the third goal is in the meeting what’s concerning them what’s benefiting them really ask great questions

It is Completely in you really need to just use that as a as a guide is the quote here I have from regarding William‘s time is what we want most. we use the worst and so just try to use some of this advice when you do decide to offer your time to people there is a time to act in really go and do things for people but a big majority what you notice Listening and giving an app and just placing volume is a person thing. You can find more information about what we have for you at https://fullarmorwindowsdoors.com/ or call us at 402-973-2923

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you can share your knowledge so what’s once you’ve done a great job of the Hail Inspection Omaha asking questions you’re offering your time. For what you have learned and what you need to learn then you can share your knowledge this he said we make a living and so you can offer your knowledge. make sure that you are you know you really understand what it is you’re offering does not benefit you everything to value the other person.

You can offer knowledge about is installing Hail Inspection Omaha success habits you know helping them to set objectives and he knows he needs to get a little bit more organized. it’s just growing rapidly. no wonder he had such a great following is truly a humble heart and only just gives other people he doesn’t try to get anything and you wouldn’t believe the way that provides for a bit

if I need to get a good board behind me and I’m in so asked him what is your name do you know how would your board add the best value to you what are some areas that you need to be taken off of your plate do you realize yet who you are me what are your gifts and talents.

If you had your goal what are you what’s the small area you would spend most of your time with. we can understand what areas for the Hail Inspection Omaha Board like a good solid 45 minutes asking questions in the last 15 minutes. I’ll be here saying all right now of gaps that I think you need to try to fill when you’re looking for a board you need to do you also need to find somebody that plans because what you told me

What is there to take care of the situation or to grow with it and so added it vice versa ask him business is know what your blind spots. We are the king cover for the set time does just keep. it simple stupid number three you can give your money away this is something that every single month and I can’t remember all of the all of the places this last year if you don’t have a lot of money what will you can but it’s always good to just begin away. You can find more information about what we have for you at https://fullarmorwindowsdoors.com/ or call us at 402-973-2923