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Full Armor Windows and Doors makes it easy for you to get your project started today!! We have teamed up with Hearth and Enerbank to help make sure you are getting the best possible rate with a payment plan that makes the most sense for your budget.  We want to provide our customers with all the tools and options to help ensure they are getting the best in every aspect of their project.

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Who is Hearth?  Hearth is a software and technology company that aligns contractors, banks, other financial institutions and the homeowner, allowing them to find the best financing options quickly and efficiently.  They partner with 11 different lenders and are consistently adding more every month in order to accommodate each homeowner’s unique needs in regards to project cost, monthly budget and credit scores.  This helps getting approved for financing, even easier!!


Know your buying power without affecting your credit score 


When applying, homeowners will see their loan options typically within 1-2 minutes of submitting the application and this will not affect their credit score until a loan program has been selected and approved.  So why is this so significant?  When applying at a branch location, most banks and financial institutions will take weeks to approve a loan in addition to the extra time and energy one would spend waiting for approval, gathering different forms of documentation and potentially having to start the process over with a different lender if rejected.  You should only need to verify your income with the lending partners provided when applying through Hearth.  With Hearth, you will see a variety of loan options from lenders ready to work with you within minutes!  


Why Hearth at a glance: 


  • Apply directly from our website 
  • Project and Loan amounts up to $100,000
  • Funding sent directly to you in 1-3 days 
  • No Prepay Penalties – save some money and pay it off early!
  • Your Home Equity is Not Required
  • Fixed monthly payments customized to your budget
  • Your information is secure – Hearth follows the same security practices as your bank and/or financial institution
  • Find a variety of payment plans and rates without affecting your credit
  • 11+ different lenders available to help



A Simple and Straightforward Application Process:


Account Creation/ Application:  Once you have applied from our website, you will be asked to create an account and you will be asked to verify your information.  Once you have selected a lender, you will continue to their specific loan portal where your information, in some cases depending on the lender, will transfer and you will be asked to confirm your information to save your progress.  


Confirm your loan: You will still be able to review all of your loan options and offerings related to that particular lender once you have created an account.  This gives you a little more time to ensure you have selected the best payment plan and rate to fit your monthly budget.


Approval: At this point, the lender selected will do a credit pull in order to give you a final decision.  This part of the process will show on your credit report.  


Income Verification:  Depending on the lender selected, you may be asked for income verification, in which a W-2 will normally suffice.  


Get Funded: Once your income has been verified you will get funding in as little as 24 hours directly to your bank.  You are ready to put your project into action!!


EnerBank USA


Who is EnerBank USA? EnerBank USA is a home improvement lender that only focuses on home improvement loans. They make it easy with a quick approval response.  Let Full Armor help walk you through the in-app loan application process or phone application process and get your project started today!


EnerBank at a glance:

  • Apply for loans up to $55,000
  • Same as Cash, 0% interest rates and reduced interest rates available, if eligible
  • No added fees; no application fee or closing costs
  • No Prepay Penalties 
  • No Home Equity or collateral is required!!
  • Full Armor Windows and Doors will walk you through the process
  • Approval response within minutes 

Fund My Project:

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Check Rates:

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A Guided Application and Approval Process:


Loan Options: A Full Armor representative will walk you through all of the loan options and loan structures available.  Different programs have different minimums and Full Armor can help ensure the right loan for your budget and your project size.  


Application Process: Once you have decided which loan option is best for you, Full Armor will start the loan application process through the EnerBank USA loan app; over the phone application process is also available if you prefer- let your representative     know.  During this process you will be asked to complete a series of questions applicable to approving your loan.  You will be the only one to see your information as Full Armor will hand you the tablet or phone to enter your personal information after the loan product and terms have been added.  We will never see your personal information at any point of the process.


Completion: Upon completion of your project, loan documents will be sent to you via Docu-sign as a default but may be sent to you via mail if so desired.  Loan documents will be sent electronically or by mail, to the primary applicant.  If there is a co-signer, the loan documents will be received after the primary applicant has completed their portion of the loan agreement.  From this point, funds will be released directly to Full Armor Windows and Doors after all parties have signed the documentation, including Full Armor.


What’s the difference between Same-as-Cash and 0% interest???


Same as Cash (SAC) loans have no structured payment due each month but must be paid in full by the end of the term.  Interest on the loan will be waived if paid in its entirety within the allotted time frame. However, if not paid during the term, interest for the entire duration of the loan will be applied to the payoff.  You will be able to make payments however you choose during the period to ensure it’s paid off.


0% interest: With a 0% interest loan, you will have a monthly structured payment due based on the term length and loan amount.  


0% Credit Card:

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