Our Community Giveback


Full Armor Windows and Doors is committed to helping out our community as well as our customers. Since helping others in our community is a high priority of ours, we dedicate a portion of every project completed, to be donated to Youth Emergency Services (YES) in Omaha, Nebraska. For every project that Full Armor Windows and Doors completes, we will donate $10 to help the youth in our community. We will contribute to Youth Emergency Services regardless of the size and scope of the project. The money we donate will be used to help adolescents in our community by helping provide food, shelter, as well as helping securing a valid identification card.

We feel giving back to our community is extremely important and there is always a need for help, we just wish we could help out more. So we chose Youth Emergency Services because it is a local organization. Helping our local community was our main priority in finding the right charitable organization. Also, helping the youth in our community is a main concern of ours as they may be in situations out of their control. Lastly, monetary donations are used as stated and in a fiduciary manner. Overall, Youth Emergency Services aligned perfectly in the three areas that we found to be the most important.

As previously stated, for every completed project, large or small, Full Armor Windows and Doors will donate $10 to Youth Emergency services. We make contributions on a monthly basis, typically at the end of each month after all projects have been completed and tallied. This allows us to provide a constant contribution of funds for the organization to utilize throughout the year. As we grow, Full Armor Windows and Doors will continually be looking to increase our give back as the number of projects increase and as the size of the projects increase.


About the Youth Emergency Services (YES)

Youth Emergency Services helps teens and young adults in our community, who are encountering homelessness or near homlessness by supplying essential resources, such as food, clothing and shelter, to assist them to start their path to being self-sufficient. This is only the start. Once a teen or young adult’s immediate needs have been met, Youth Emergency Services will help create an ongoing system of support to help ensure they succeed.

Youth Emergency Services provides a variety of different channels and resources because every situation is different. Their services include street outreach, emergency shelter, a transitional living program, maternity group housing, rapid rehousing and case management services. All of these services maintain one common goal of helping youth homelessness become non-existent.

Street Outreach- Trained workers and staff monitor areas where homeless youth gather and offer basic supplies and invite them back to the Outreach Center to be able to provide them further help and assistance.

Emergency Shelter- Offers youth a safe place to stay in a family oriented style residence with separate sleeping quarters as well as community recreational areas. All youth are screened for placement and safety which also allows counselors a chance to help each individual work through the problems they may be facing.

Transitional Living Program- A long term living solution, which allows 16-21 year olds to be able to live in an apartment-like home for up to 18 months. The case managers help each youth to become a functioning and self-sufficient individual in our community. Case managers help set goals and track progress to act independently with life skills.

Maternity Group Home- Similar to the Transitional Living Program but with a focus on pregnant or parenting mothers and providing them with the resources they need. Case managers help these young women become self-sufficient and provide them the life skills they need to flourish with a safe place to live.

Rapid Rehousing- This is Youth Emergency Services newest offered service. The focus here is to provide a quick and permanent housing option to those who may only be homeless for a shorter period of time, with very cost-effective, apartment options. Also, this helps create a path for all youth involved in the response system.

Case Management Services- These services help youth stay on a path for success and to help ensure they do not again become homeless. Counselors help each individual through the problems that they are facing and help to set goals to overcome those challenges by creating a new path in becoming a self-sustaining individual. This includes help with finding mainstream resources, maintaining their housing and finding employment.


Other ways we give back to our community

At times with windows and doors, product issues may arise with ordering, measuring or from manufacturing. When these issues occur, it leaves us with extra product to store until it can later be utilized, and in some instances, not ever. To resolve the un-needed product, we donate mis-ordered or mis-measured products to the Habitat for Humanity Restore. These donations are then resold to the general public at a discount and all proceeds are donated to Habitat for Humanity of Omaha. All products donated are in proper working condition for future use. In addition, Full Armor Windows and Doors takes a day every year to volunteer time and resources to a project being worked on. With our skilled installers and knowledgeable staff, we can help in a variety of ways for a house to become a home for someone in our community.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha helps our community and communities around the nation to quality housing by building, renovating and repairing homes. They also provide families with affordable options, as well as skills and financial education to ensure that they become successful home owners. It is easy to understand why Full Armor Windows and Doors donates product and service to Habitat for Humanity of Omaha.

We would like to thank you all for providing us the opportunity to donate to these amazing organizations. By choosing Full Armor Windows and Doors for your next project, you are also helping many others in our community!