We have been in the Wood Roof Repair Omaha industry the industrial type jobs for 15 years be able to be a part of it build myself with my wife and today I’m gonna tell you so tried teach you. We are trying to do that we really needed some kind of wise counsel. We know how to get it in but frankly we were trying to build company.

You want to talk to a successful Wood Roof Repair Omaha business person we want to just give me a little bit of the time and straight up they wouldn’t do it and couldn’t understand. We needed their knowledge And needed to be able to be around people that’s successful. Here is a quote where it’s like you know if you want to see who you’re going to be in the next five years just show me the top three people and I’ll tell you where your life will be

If you want Wood Roof Repair Omaha, Basically you should pick a figure out one so one day I’ll I will sit around a guy and they’re like well are you asking the right questions and they sent me this document and got it. we are gonna share it with you and there is when you ask a question resist the temptation of telling them anything that you know and all trying to ask a question they would give a small answer. We are trying to impress them and we are doing the out of it so no one want to be around me to think even if you’re an employee we all want to be you’re able to

We are Very particular they need to be around what in the call good saw oil meaning if you plant a seed. if you don’t listen you’re not good soil it if you’re the only one talking you’re the only one not learning something and so got this list of questions and threw up for the very first time set down with a guy and asked him Questions and shut up and just listened.

Take notes and guess what that guy not only wanted to be with me again who else you want to meet let me make a new note wow this was completely different. We learned one of those important lessons ever ask really great questions and shut up and listen. if you’re the only one talking you’re the only one not listening and by doing that what didn’t realize it was his other offer. You can find more information about what we have for you at https://fullarmorwindowsdoors.com/ or call us at 402-973-2923

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We are here to tell you about the Wood Roof Repair Omaha for almost every great successful person they want to feel like they’ve done something great to tell people about what they did was great. it was great was a difficult thing ever thought it was about what they were able to accomplish. We makes them feel great to tell you the story yes and only if you’re willing to listen so I’m gonna give you the questions. We used and them these questions from and John Maxwell bit before I lose these questions I want to give you a couple of birth versus a proverbs

proverbs 1114 says where there is no guidance of people fall but abundance of counselor safety and so it gives you safety and it gives you plans to succeed. This is something you probably should one, if you’re trying your employee you’re trying to grow in your career for the Wood Roof Repair Omaha. What’s the greatest lesson you flirt by asking this question you’re trying to seek her out there gonna tell you a story about something that you know they they they learn on the way it might be a multitude of stories but most likely that story is going to show you

You won’t Struggle u yourself are not gonna feel so Wood Roof Repair Omaha session of life when you’re building something I can’t believe how hard it is. it’s you were building something else somewhere else I can’t believe how hard it is it’s really really hard. let you know when someone’s gonna look at it because I can see it so amazing. We want other people to know this is hard ask. So what are you learning now be quiet this question right now how do I get there

How do you shape this question it gives you insight to their attitude when failure happened this is really really important. Maintaining advantage of your attitude probably the most important thing that any successful person can do I’m trying to train. We introduced you to someone else why he thought I was good soil one questions five what have you read that I should read this this helps you to understand how they develop their personal growth what you’re gonna learn as a third grade leader they read a lot it’s an absolute

You’re going to be able to tap in six we have you done that should do experiences you’re trying to understand. It keeps them moving in all this time you’re learning parts of the personality and you could see what you didn’t buy with how different they are from you. How can add value you know when started out would always preface this with an insecurity? if this would be possible but how can I add value to you by asking you know you’re showing your desire to help them in your appreciation? I want you to consider asking these questions I think it’s really important if you ever get somebody that is a great advisor to you question

This is true most no idea urge by many of our staff to notify our staff what it is and be aware of it. it’s really important to just give in and I would suggest to you is what is one thing that’s very difficult. it’s just try not to let too many people now about it. I think it’s really great to keep it silent we’ve got a laundry list of people that love to give and get on social media and tell everyone about it resist this joy it will come from getting and not really notifying You can find more information about what we have for you at https://fullarmorwindowsdoors.com/ or call us at 402-973-2923