Hail Damage Repair

What to Expect with Full Armor


As a homeowner, probably one of the more stressful times of owning a home is when the weather changes and the storms created, cause serious damage to your home from the hail and/or wind. These hail storms and wind storms can potentially cause major damage to the exterior of your home, especially your roof, siding and windows. A hailstone that comes in contact with your home can crack or bruise your shingles, puncture holes in your vinyl siding and dent or crack your window frames. These impacts and breaks can potentially lead to water infiltration to your home, which may significantly reduce the useful life of your shingles, siding and/or windows. A single hailstone can even break the seal on your windows causing them to release gas between panes and allow them to fog up and/or freeze.


The storm has passed, what should you look for?

After a storm, walk around your property and look for evidence of hail or wind damage:

  • Holes in your siding
  • Ripped and torn plants in the yard
  • Tree limbs down
  • Damage to you air conditioner
  • Dents in outdoor furniture
  • For an asphalt roof, look for granular loss coming from your downspouts (which will look like a pile of sand in the color of your roof)
    For wood shake roofs, look for splits in the wood and a brownish, orange color


You see signs of hail/wind damage, so what do you do?

Take early action and call Full Armor! You can help reduce the after effects of a storm by identifying damage and Hail Damage Repair Omaha problems early and replacing your roof, siding and/or windows as quickly as possible. When hail falls, it falls at random, so your roof may have hail impacts, while your neighbor’s roof may not. It never hurts to have someone check your home for damage, even if it seems like the storm wasn’t that bad. At this point, it can be challenging to determine if the damage that took place is just cosmetic or if it will have a greater effect on the life and performance of your roof. Oftentimes, we will have to pull up shingles to verify the back side and reseal them down.

Asphalt Hail Damage Repair Omaha will be black in color and usually shiny from granular loss. Often, when you touch these spots, they will be soft to the touch, as the mat has been broken – if not, they are most likely cosmetic damage. You will see granular loss but, the hailstone was not large enough to break the matting of the shingle
Wood Shake Shingle hail damage will have split shingles with sharp edges and will look brownish- orange. What you are seeing is cedar or hickory wood that has not been oxidized – if you just see splatter-like marks, this would most likely be cosmetic damage. The hailstone was not large enough to break the shingle itself.


Should I Call My Insurance Company?

Yes but, after you have met with someone from Full Armor that has determined you do in fact have Hail Damage Repair Omaha or wind damage. When you call most insurance companies, the first question they often ask is, “has someone been out to inspect your home?” Insurance companies usually do not want to send their adjusters out to do the initial inspection, especially when larger storms occur. On the contrary, for smaller storms, your insurance company will most likely send an adjuster to your property. However, it is also important in this case to know, some insurance companies may penalize you if too many unapproved claims have been made. Due to this, call Full Armor to do a full storm damage inspection and we can help you determine if you should call your insurance company to file a claim. Our inspections are free and we can give you an idea of the full extent of the damage. If damage is found, you will first want to review your homeowner’s insurance policy to verify what your coverage is and also what your deductible is. Make sure to call your insurance agent for questions about your policy.

What to Expect Once Storm Damage has been Determined with Full Armor

  • We will help walk you through the entire insurance process, have you call your insurance company to open a Hail Damage Repair Omaha claim, and to have an adjuster meeting set up, if you so choose.
  • With your approval, we will meet with your adjuster and walk around your property to help ensure we identify any and all damage for your claim.
  • Once your insurance company has approved the damage, you will receive a Scope of Loss. This outlines the damage and the cost to repair or replace your loss
    • We will review this with you and ensure all damage has been noted. If anything is missing, we will work with your insurance company to have it added or amended to the Scope of Loss. Most insurance companies will accept photos of missing damage at this point.
  • Once all damage is approved and agreed upon, Full Armor will start on your project to have your storm damage repaired. We are fully insured, licensed and bonded and can handle all aspects of your repairs; interior and exterior of your home.


Anything else I should know?

Sometimes there is some back and forth with your insurance company to have your Hail Damage Repair Omaha claim completely approved. This happens from time to time but we will do the legwork to get your damage finalized and keep you informed along the way. In some cases, the insurance company may feel there is not enough damage to approve your claim, and the adjuster may feel the same from his report back to the company. In this instance, it is not uncommon to have a second adjuster reinspect your property for damage. We want to help ensure the process is as seamless as possible for you as we know damage from a storm can be stressful and feel like hassle but instances like this do occur. However, we will always do what we can to make the process easy.

  • You usually have one year to file your claim and usually 1-2 years to have the work completed.
  • Always call your insurance agent if you have questions on your coverage, deductible, timeframes and/or concerns.
  • Make sure to repair the storm damage found, especially for roof and siding damage as water may be able to work its way behind each and cause more extensive damage to your home.
  • Upgrading to a Class 4 Impact Resistant (IR) shingle may help lower your insurance premium. Talk to your agent if any discounts are applicable.

Full Armor is here to help you every step of the way! We look forward to helping you with your Hail Damage Repair Omaha, wind storm repair or any other project you may be wanting to complete!