Safeguard up to 65% of your home’s exterior surface with a new roof from Full Armor


Full Armor’s experienced expert sales team has been in the roofing and exterior construction industry for 25+ years.  Our team knows the installation process from having been previous installers for all of the home’s exterior components.  Full Armor will help you determine the current condition of your roof with a Free Roof Inspection. Our roofing experts will inspect your roof for hail, wind, and for deterioration damage. Our roofing team will help every step of the way during your repair or Omaha roofing replacement, ensuring it is durable, installed correctly and exceeds your expectations.  We have experience with all the different styles of roofing and manufactures such as GAF®️, ProVia®️, Malarkey®️, and IKO®️.   

  • Full Armor maintains an A+ rating with BBB and is BBB accredited.
  • Full Armor is  fully licensed, bonded and insured with liability and workers’ comp.
  • We can typically complete your roofing replacement within one week.
  • We offer warranties on our roofing, siding, windows and doors products and labor. 
  • We are a preferred and certified contractor with GAF and ProVia.


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Free Inspections and Estimates

  • If you notice missing Omaha roofing shingles, shingles that are curled or weathered, leaks within your home, signs of excessive granule loss in your gutters or build up by downspouts, or have an old roof, please contact us for your FREE inspection
  • Recent Hail or Wind Storm?  Contact us today for your FREE whole house inspection.  We help make the insurance process easy by working closely with insurance adjusters and companies 


Architectural Shingles 

Architectural, or dimensional, shingles are among the most used shingles you see around on homes. These are also referred to as laminated composite shingles due the fiberglass matting used for strength and durability, which offers a raised surface that gives your roof a textured or dimensional appearance.  They are constructed in such a way that will increase impact Omaha roofing resistance, disperse rain and hail and withstand the elements much better than a standard flat shingle.  When you replace 3-tab shingles, or flat shingles, with an architectural style, not only will you improve the look of your home or property but you will also increase the longevity of your roof to help reduce the probable chance of replacement in the future, all while adding value to your home or property.

Additionally, there are many variations of architectural shingles that will help your home:

  • Withstand algae and mold growth
  • Help insulate your home
  • Deflect light & heat

highest-quality Omaha roofing materials available, offering a range of color schemes and styles to fit any taste or budget. 

Our Favorite Products


ProVia®️ Metal Roofing | Exclusive Dealer in Omaha and Council Bluffs

A roofing system that lasts a Lifetime- with ProVia’s LIFETIME Executive Warranty Upgrade, and our Certified Installers, make this the last roof you’ll ever need to purchase


ProVia’s LIFETIME metal roofing has the look of genuine shake and slate.  Give your home the curb appeal you desire with the distinctive Omaha roofing characteristics of classic roofing material. Improved strength and durability, this roofing system is 3x lighter than asphalt shingles and the 26-Gauge steel is 10% THICKER than the Industry Average of 28-30 Gauge. 


Features of a ProVia®️ Metal Roof

  • 4 Sided secure panel placement and field anchoring 
  • Up to 230 mph protection against wind-uplift
  • Superior barrier system for shedding the forces of sheeting rain 
  • Cool Roof Technology – The addition of solar reflective pigments can enhance indoor comfort and contribute to reduced energy consumption during warmer months 
  • Chalk & Fade Resistance – Superb color retention and defense against harmful UV rays 
  • Increase your homes Resale Value 
  • Energy-efficiency to help lower utility costs 
  • American-manufactured with recycled, domestic steel 
  • 100% recyclable



ProVia Metal Roofing

GAF®️  | Certified Contractor


Timberline HDZ is our most popular asphalt shingle and roof system and we offer all of GAF products to give you the look and protection that you desire for your home. We find it very important to use the entire GAF roofing system on your home to ensure moisture is kept out, help with energy savings and to add beauty to your home.  These shingles have the first ever wind proven warranty with no maximum wind speed limit with the system in place.

GAF Certified Contractor Logo


The GAF Roof System:


Timberline HDZ (or other GAF line of  shingle) – LayerLock Technology, increase strike-zone for proper installation, Dual Alignment guides for nice straight lines, 

Hip & Ridge – 10 year StainGuard algae protection, protects all of the high stressed area on your roof

WeatherWatch Leak Barrier (Ice & Water Shield) – as required by Nebraska and Iowa building code, protects the most vulnerable areas of your home where there is a possibility of ice forming.  It will self- seal around nails or otr metal roofing fasteners in order to defend against possible leaks.

TigerPaw Underlayment – a UV-stabilizing, polypropylene underlayment that protects against wind-driven rain.  This is a critical layer of protection that lays between the roof deck and the shingles which will absorb moisture from the decking and dry out in the membrane.  

ProStart Starter Shingles – Helps defend against wind and wind-driven rain at the roof edges.

Cobra Ventilation- With a variety of different profiles and styles, Full Armor will help ensure your attic is properly ventilated in order to effectively remove excess moisture and heat that can damage your roof decking, interior ceilings, increase energy bills and even cause health issues.  

Why to Properly Vent your Attic


Ensures Comfort and Health for your home 

  • Moderates heat buildup 
  • Regulates indoor temperature fluctuations 
  • Assists in maintaining low energy costs 
  • Prevent roof deterioration 


Reduces Moisture Buildup 

  • Reduces condensation  
  • Lessens the risk of mold and mildew
  • Minimizes the risk of wood rot to framing and decking


Minimizes Ice Damming and its Effects

  • Ice Dams occur when warm air from inside the home reaches the attic and becomes trapped. This can cause the snow to melt on the Omaha roofing deck and proceed to the eaves, where it can freeze and back up – forcing its way under the shingle, causing a dam-like effect. 
  • Sufficient roof ventilation keeps the attic consistent with the outside temperature, which helps eliminate any snow from melting caused by the interior temperature of the home


Call Us Today and we can calculate the adequate amount of ventilation needed for your home!!

GAF Roof by Full Armor


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