Do you need your siding fixed or do you need your entire home resided? In both instances, Full Armor is here to help you find the best  protection for the exterior of your home. Full Armor has partnered with a multitude of suppliers and Omaha siding manufactures to ensure you always have the best products available for your home. Here at Full Armor, we want to protect the entire exterior of your home, just like putting on armor.

The exterior siding on your home serves a variety of purposes. Quality siding adds curb appeal, helps protect against the unexpected elements of the weather here in Nebraska and Iowa, will help keep out insects and reduces the possibility of moisture building up between the walls of your home. Protection from moisture is one of the key advantages as moisture build up can cause structural damage by bowing or warping the foundation, mold and mildew growth, or rotting out the framing of your walls. Also, when the cold months are here, properly installed siding on your home can add a layer of Omaha siding insulation, keeping the interior of your home comfortable and warm with little heat to escape.

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What to look for when evaluating the condition of your siding

So how can you tell if you may need your siding repaired or replaced? There are signs you can look for when you are evaluating the state of your siding. If you see areas of the siding that are bending or possibly pulling away from your home, water from rain and other moisture may be getting behind or underneath the siding, which in turn, is causing the damage you are seeing. Another moisture problem you may be seeing is signs of little black and/or green patches on the actual siding. This will typically be noticed on the shadier side of your home. Are there soft spots on your siding? This is something you will want to have looked at immediately. This indicates there may be some rotting boards behind the siding, which could go even as far as your frame work. If there is any sign warping, your siding may need to be replaced soon, most likely due to the age. You may even be able to see signs from the interior of your home, such as paint that is peeling or wallpaper that is pulling away or drooping. When it comes to vinyl siding you will want to look for holes in the siding that may have occurred from hail or wind storms, pieces of siding that have pulled away from the home and feel loose or even pieces that have completely come off either due to improper Omaha siding installation or from a current wind storm. If you notice any of these signs, you will want to call Full Armor to help determine the state of your siding. In most cases, we can replace the areas that have been damaged to help preserve the rest of your siding and home.

What is Polymer Siding?

Polymer siding is engineered from a highly durable plastic material known as polypropylene resin and is known for its rigidity, toughness and heat-resistance. This resin is already used in a wide variety of different applications and is a safe plastic material. So polymer siding has all the benefits of rigidity, impact resistance and heat resistance that a normal vinyl siding does not. Polymer siding is also usually thicker than a typical vinyl siding product, which helps give longevity to the product.

What is Insulated Siding?

Insulated siding is siding, typically polymer or vinyl, that has a form-fitted insulation behind it, which gives the siding strength, impact resistance, sound reduction and an added layer of warmth to your home on those cold days to increase your energy efficiency.

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Our Favorite Products

Continental Siding – Continental Siding is a seamless polymer siding manufacturer with a variety of options available. Continental siding is energy efficient, customizable, impact resistant and has longevity in mind by allowing proper expansion and contraction of the siding during the hot and cold days of the year. This product even comes with a limited hail warranty which is why it is one of our favorite products because it is built to last.

ProVia®️ Siding – ProVia®️ has a variety of products for the exterior of your home which also includes a super polymer siding. This siding has all the benefits of polymer with ProVia’s®️ own performance system which includes anti-weathering materials, anti-fade protection, reflective technology and UV protection.

LPⓇ SmartSideⓇ – LPⓇ SmartsideⓇ is an engineered wood siding that uses an engineered wood strand technology special to them. It has superior strength and durability, offers fungal protection from decay and insects, and holds up to hail, wind and gives your home a more natural look.

Soffit /Fascia

The soffit of your home is installed under the roof’s eaves and under the ceilings of decks and porches. It gives your home a finished look by covering the framing of the eaves or ceiling. However, your soffit has another important function. The soffit allows moisture from your home’s exterior to properly ventilate, otherwise moisture can build up and cause your home problems down the road. With Omaha siding vented soffit, moisture can easily escape.

Fascia is the board or band that is installed under the roof lining and is attached to cover the rafters and cavities and sits behind your gutters. Fascia adds curb appeal and a mounting point for your gutter system.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Polymer and vinyl sidings are minimal maintenance, which is why a lot of homeowners choose these Omaha siding products. A mild soap and water is all that it takes to keep your home look clean and bright like when it was first installed. No painting or staining, no caulking or sealing and no re-pointing of mortar is needed when you choose a polymer/vinyl siding product.

Engineered wood siding offers your home a more natural look but comes with Omaha siding upkeep. Yearly reviews of your siding are recommended and paint any small imperfections or chips, caulk any areas that have hardened or cracked around windows and trim boards and cleaned with a mild soap or detergent and water.