Windows let the light shine into your home, but shouldn’t let in the heat of summer or the cold of winter. If your windows are not performing well, it is time to give Full Armor Windows & Doors a call! We carry the highest quality Provia windows, whose performance and appearance can’t be matched. Whichever line of  windows you choose, you will be thrilled by their charming beauty and Omaha Windows elegance.  The ProVia line of windows have even been surveyed by other professional contractors and remodelers and rated by Remodeling Magazine as #1 for quality in the vinyl category. 

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AERIS:  The Aeris window is ProVia’s solution for the wood window; offered in four different hardwood species with a variety of paint, stain or even custom color choices.   The Aeris series of Provia windows have designer styling with many options, including casement, double-hung, awning, bow, bay, sliding, picture, and other architectural shapes. If you need a window that not only performs, but enhances the aesthetic beauty of your home, the Aeris series is for you.

ENDURE: If you are looking for Omaha Windows to improve your home’s energy efficiency, look no further than Provia’s Endure™ window series. Endure™ windows can improve thermal performance for less heat loss and eliminate cold drafts.  Styles also available in casement, double-hung, awning, bow, bay, sliding, picture, and other architectural shapes. Endure windows also come in a variety of colors including wood-look laminate for the interior of your home. All wood laminate color specifications are built with ProVia’s new “Fineline” technology which adds even more beauty and charm to any home.

ASPECT: Provia’s Aspect windows outperform other mid-range vinyl windows, and offer durable, energy-efficient construction for the most discerning consumers.  Both the Aspect™ & Endure™ offer internal blinds with a variety of color options to accent any home.  If you need a quality window but a few less bells and whistles, the Aspect windows will be exactly what you need.  

ECOLITE: The ecoLite series is the best vinyl window option on the market in the economy-class window category. Durable and energy-efficient, the ecoLite series even provides privacy glass and grid options which are not commonly seen in an economy window.  These windows come in 5 different Omaha Windows styles and are the perfect option for new construction homes, residential replacements and either new or existing multi-family homes.  


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STORM WINDOWS: Provia’s storm windows are energy-efficient, noise-reducing, and offer the best in Omaha Windows weather protection! Storm windows are an affordable way to improve your home’s efficiency while adding curb appeal to your home.  ProVia’s storm windows are offered in a variety of lines that will fit anyone’s budget and with a large selection of 16 beautiful colors on either a double-hung, slider or picture window. Storm windows are a great option for older homes where keeping the historical charm is important but need to keep the elements outside.  These aluminum storm windows will complement any home.  

EGRESS WINDOWS:  Egress windows are windows that allow someone to escape or to be rescued in the event of an emergency.  All basements and bedrooms/sleeping areas are required to have one operable window for escape and rescue, that opens to a yard, court, public street or alley.   What makes a window an egress window is the amount of area that can be opened and different styles of windows have different openable/operable area requirements to meet these Omaha Windows specifications.  All casement windows that Full Armor Windows and Doors will have egress hardware to help ensure egress requirements are met when applicable.  Let us help make sure you and your family are safe!!


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Pocket Replacement 

A pocket replacement installation is a quick and economical option for replacing your windows.  With pocket replacements, your new window will rest within the existing frame of the old window.  These are typically finished on the inside with an interior cove stop to hide the insulation foam and an aluminum cladding on the exterior to match your home’s trim color or window color.  Pocket replacements, in general,  will minimize the viewing area however, in some cases, we may actually be able increase your visibility depending on the application.         

Pocket replacements are a perfect option for large units in a living area, dining area, or kitchen as the viewable area is minimally affected. Pocket replacement windows however are not suggested for bedrooms due to egress window requirements and local codes as they will reduce the opening height and width of the existing windows.   

Less mess, less time & less cost! 

Full Frame Replacement 

A full frame replacement installation involves removing the entire window unit, including frame, and placing the new window within the existing wall studs.   The interior will be finished with new wood trim; jamb extensions and casing in the color of your choosing to either match your current Omaha Windows styling or to create a new look in your home.  The exterior, in most cases, will be wrapped in an aluminum cladding to match the exterior of your home and/or windows.  When going to a full frame replacement window, you will be brightening up your entire room!! This is the perfect option for any window in your home, even for bedrooms/ sleeping rooms as this style of installation meets the egress standards since operable areas will not be reduced.  

 Let Full Armor Windows and Doors help you decide which option is best for your home!

If you need windows in the Omaha, Council Bluffs or surrounding areas, Full Armor Windows & Doors would love to serve you—call us today for a free estimate!

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